Friday, May 2, 2008

So, I realized after reading my last post that it was a little intense, and ranting doesn't usually accomplish much. So, sorry for ranting and/or raving.
Well, Wednesday night Valerie and I accompanied some friends down to Jai Alai for the last night of the new shortened season. On Game 3 Danny and I both won a quinella, and on Game 7 Valerie and I both one a quinella! It was surely our night at Jai Alai. After that I went up to Flaco's, a cuban bakery, to see Devon play some music. I think I've written about his band in here before, but this was both solo and also with one or two other guys who are not in his band. It was very fun...and Devon busted his G-string...seriously.
So, after writing that last entry about gas prices and such, and after hearing all over the place about Obama and Hillary campaigning in the "Rust Belt," I came to the conclusion that there should be someone who just comes up with good ideas for work for people who are laid off. What spurned this was the thought of all those automotive jobs that have been, are being, and will be lost.
You know, I think one day there will be enough incentive for people to move from the city to the country, and farm. Or, better yet, stay in the city and farm. Because I have spent the last six or seven years thinking about this almost every day, I have a lot of ideas about it, and how it would affect people everywhere. I cannot write it all right now. Maybe someday I will be able to.