Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I consider myself a really efficient person...like the Michael Bluth of real life. Okay hopefully I'm not that uptight, but you get the idea. Well Val is in Savannah for the weekend with all of her high school friends (can you believe she's still such good friends with girls from high school?), and I'm at home in Winston with the C-Monster. Going into the weekend I was super excited. Carver and I were going to go off on adventures, see the town, not spend much time at home, and have an all around awesome bachelors' weekend. Well, being a stay at home parent is tough. Give me some credit, I already knew it was tough, but I totally underestimated it. If you are a spouse who has a stay at home spouse, you are probably underestimating the task they have every day. Again, I already knew it was really tough, but if Val wasn't involved in our lives this family would resemble two toddlers, trying to find their way in the world without adult supervision. We finally got around to eating at like 8:15 last night. Carver normally goes to bed at 7:30! We were at the neighbors watching the basketball game and Margie, our wonderful neighbor, could tell it was past dinner time, and I was just oblivious because it was going into overtime. I was doing my best at some kind of pseudo-Lent, in which you deny your children rather than yourself. All in all the weekend has made me feel a lot less like the great dad I thought I was and more like someone who is completely dependent on God as a parent. So I guess it does fit in the Lent category. I gave up Val's parenting for a weekend of Lent...and it has humbled me!
I should also say that I've had a wonderful weekend with Carver. He is more wonderful than I can say. He is also saying "poop, Imma poop," in the bathtub right now, so I better get going!

Update: Okay so it hasn't gone as rough as I made it sound. We've had a wonderful time which included a cookout at the neighbors and a trip to Greensboro to walk around REI and find (unsuccessfully) the homebrew shop there, among other things. I am absolutely thankful for a weekend with just the two of us, but it has correctly highlighted the 80% of the pie-chart of household holding together that Val does for us!