Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're venture capitalists from New Hampshire

When I was about 10 years old around Christmas every year I "harvested" mistletoe from the trees in our yard and went door to door selling it. I think for 50 cents a piece. Pretty good deal if it gets you a kiss with your crush, right? And when I was home from college after my freshman year, working at Smoothie King, I watched these guys come wash our windows, which took about 8 minutes, and they got paid $12. When I got back to Gainesville that August I started a window washing company. My free smoothie intake went down but the time I spent at work did too. So all of this is to say that I've decided to "monetize" my blog. This just means that I'm allowing Google to post ads on my blog, and for every million visitors that click the ads I'll make about a penny or something. I'm planning on getting rich on this, obviously. So, don't be scared if an ad appears that is really related to whatever post you're reading. Google owns all the information in the world, including stuff hidden in your prepare your link-clicking finger and your spouse, because you about to start buying some ish online. Actually all of the ads will probably be related to pest control or mail-order meats, because the only real content on this blog has been about the time I got chiggers or about my thesis (its about meat). Who knows, maybe I'll include ridiculous keywords and see what kind of ads it brings...because up to this point my keywords have always been very related.

I've decided to find an athletic goal to put on my goal list. Yes, I had put half-marathon or olympic length triathlon on there at the beginning of the year...but I'm not sure if I'm up for 2 hours of running or that ridiculous swim.
Also, I graduate Saturday with my master's degree. I'm going to be a jen-you-wine scientist. One of my long term goals fulfilled...the fruition of a seed planted by 3-2-1 Contact when I was 5. BOOMFREAKINGROASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

You probly think this blog is about you

From the looks of the box to the right, I've been getting a decent amount of visitors on the ole blog lately. I see you New Jersey. You too, Baton Rouououge (Strong Frenchy accent inserted). So I figure all you faithful readers deserve some more oftentude to my posting. Well, I'm done with my master's degree. That is unspeakably awesome. Hands down the most difficult thing I've accomplished...I think. I'm working on adapting the 120 page thesis to a 10-15 page journal article...which is hard so far. I can't tell you what a reward it is to be done though. Man. I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not sending out graduation announcements, but if I did, I would say something like, "In lew of graduation gifts, please buy my wife whatever she wants. She deserves the world." Because honestly, at least I had some control over how long and how hard this process was. She just had to be supportive and wait. Way tougher.
So anyway, whole point of the post...besides rewarding your frequent visitation with something other than "The road goes on forever..." I've been telling Val for months that when we move I want to have a new style...or a style at all. Right now I wear t-shirts a lot because of their utility and surface area, which is useful for slogans and trademarks and stuff. I got a v-neck at Old Navy recently for $2, and Valerie gave me a new leather banded watch for Christmas, so I'm two items into my new style...and then today we went to Urban Outfitters in Ybor, which I don't think I've been to before, and I was like, dang. I didn't get any new clothes, but we got a cool blue "S" to put somewhere in our new house in The Dash, plus an end table for $5. But watch out. For the first time in my life I thought, "I get why people like to buy new clothes so much." Next time you see me I'm going to be Surf Party USA...or at least our house will be.
More to come later, including video of our new house (rental), and Carver trying to whistle (see Facebook). He said "moon" for the first time tonight. It was very high pitched, like, "Ooooh look at the moooooon!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The road goes on forever and the party never ends

Over facebook chat at 1:30 this morning, Chris James called me a reductionist...because I am almost a scientist. I was happy to remember that this is part of my whole problem...that I am not a reductionist. My degree is as integrated as it can be, and I cannot focus on one area without getting too interested in its peripheral areas...and then their peripheral areas. To borrow a metaphor, it is like a cow that chews grass, and moves, and chews grass, and moves...until he finds himself on the other side of a hole in the fence, near the road, and he doesn't know how to get back...and he gets so lost he just starts stealing chicken sandwiches from cars.
Anyway, the whole point of that is that I had an ad hoc committee meeting yesterday to discuss my results and conclusions. The good news is they are very exciting (the conclusions), the other, err, good news is that they want me to adapt my 120 page thesis to a 6-10 page journal article. Alas, I am not done. The ivory tower has many flights of stairs and a long long the scene in the Matrix when Neo and Trinity shoot up that lobby. Yes, C.J. and I facebook chat. Don't hate.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Couldn't have planned it better myself!

This weekend was incredible. Let me tell you about it.
My mom came up on Friday morning and watched Carver for us here in Gainesville while Val and I headed to Winston-Salem/ The Dash/ Winston, to look for a place to live, celebrate her birthday, and to just be on a trip together, without the sweet dude (This was one of Val's 2010 goals). By the way, my wife accomplished every one of her 2009 goals and is halfway through her 2010 list. I am not this type of person. I do, however, have a list of goals. If you look back far enough in this blog you'll find it!
Anyway, we stopped in Charlotte for Friday night and stayed at Melissa's (Val's great friend), and spent Saturday with Lauren and Nick, or friends from the Dirty Jerzzz. We went to an awesome place for breakfast and then, of course, went to IKEA. Isn't this what everyone does on their birthday? It was awesome to see Lauren and Nick. We miss them a lot!

We continued on to W-S, with the help of Melissa's GPS, which helps you get places while making you a dumber, more oblivious human being. Side note, we spent about 10 minutes Saturday night looking for Cha-Da-Thai (Thai rest.), because the GPS keeps saying we've arrived. We needed to look across the street. We ate at Bonefish when we decided the Thai place has closed down. HA!

Anyway, Saturday night we kinda scoped out the neighborhood we wanted to live in (Ardmore), checked out Harris Teeter to see how it compares to Publix (eh, it'll do for a couple years. Good beer selection. Did I mention N.C. gets New Belgium beers?) In fact, North Carolina places third in the nation for numbers of breweries distributing beer into the state. This is the opposite of Florida, which believes the best way to foster economic development is through a hodge podge state code that can't decide if this should be the colorful lawless swamp it should be or if they should regulate everything anyone thinks of...or lobbies for...and I'm pretty sure most of it dates back to prohibition...

Anyway, we ate at Bonefish for Val's birthday and then went back to the hotel, where we decided we'd go to this small Anglican church the next day (Easter). It's called Christ Church and it is very similar to St. Andrew's, our church. Well, we walked in about 20 minutes late and sat in the back behind a young couple about our age. The husband is about to finish med school at Wake and his wife, who introduced herself to us, is an IB middle school teacher (only IB middle school in the country). Nerd alert! They invited us to an Easter BBQ at some folks' house, which we stayed at until about 6:00 that evening! The priest showed up and brought some of his homebrew, which was great. Valerie and I kept looking at each other and not understanding how we already found a church we like (did I mention that we liked it?), people that are fun to hang out with, and I already have an interim brewing partner or two while we're in W-S. Could it get any better!

Well, it did. For the sake of brevity I'll just say we signed a 24 month lease (bargained down the rent if we signed a longer term) on a house we LOVED. It was built in the 20s but has been totally restored. It has a big front porch with a swing, 3 bedrooms, crown molding and beautiful hard wood floors, a big back yard, a new garage out back, and the street is lined with young families. I can't tell you how thankful we are!

We got home last night (Tuesday). Carver and grandma had a great time, although I'm pretty sure they were both ready to see us! Anyway, thanks for reading. Long post I know.

Oh, I forgot to say, we found a place called city beverage, which has the best beer selection in North Carolina. I took a video. Actually we took a bunch of videos on our trip, including one of the house, but I can't figure out how to get them uploaded to the blog. As soon as I can, I will. Until then, monomedia for you.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes

Biggest news in the Stonerook clan...we've decided to change direction. I've been feeling for some time like North Carolina just isn't the place for us, and have been feeling really drawn back to that's where we're headed. For those of you who don't know, I spent two summers there during my undergrad education, working with smallholder farmers. We've decided that PA school wasn't the right fit for us, and we're moving just outside of Quevedo, Ecuador to start an eco-lodge/environmental education center/fish farm. I'm pretty excited, but also pretty hesitant. What do you think?