Friday, September 25, 2009

The simplicity and complexity of a to-do list

Because a lot of things have been up in the air for us for some time now, I get to the point sometimes that I am sure I’m forgetting about something very important. My triage solution is to make lists. This has been my most effective means of organization I’ve ever had, with the glaring exception of Valerie, of course, who could organize swarming wasps if she wanted to. I started keeping lists back around my freshman or sophomore year of college. Back then the typical list might read as follows: biology lab, theatre appreciation, skateboard with so-and-so, play Tiger Woods golf, call roommate’s g/f to ask her to start calling me in the morning to wake me up for class, pay Verizon.
Today’s lists usually take one of two roads, either the things I need to take care of today, or a large, daunting list of things I am planning on/hoping to accomplish at some point, so that I don’t forget about some dream I have or another, and may read as follows: Finish thesis, own an aquaculture business, legitimately sell beer I brew, become a PA, become debt free ASAP, save a 20% down payment for a house, start saving for above mentioned businesses, write a book about how all of my various and sundry pieces of knowledge and experiences sum to some grand theory or at least give my degrees more utility than my own love of knowing things.
Today’s list reads as follows: Call Cabot Lodge (Window washing), (Call Alice) Window Washing, Try beer (first taste test on batch of homebrew conditioning in my closet), USC supplemental application (because who doesn’t want to move their wife and child to L.A.), Call Maria (acting gig on famous kids TV show), Blog (done!), Pray for so-and-so (someone’s phone interview), work. Sometimes I’ll add some stuff in there to make it more exciting, like “Kick ass,” or “Take names”, which usually gets crossed out/marked as "accomplished" about 15 minutes after finishing my second cup of coffee. No need to write that in today, because its Friday, and who can compete with the likes of a Friday at kicking a$$? Am I right? Pound it! (Insert dynamic, knuckle bruising fist bump here.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Throughout our Eden land...

Did you know the Florida Alma Mater had a second verse? And its a good one, too!

Composed in 1925 by Milton Yeats

Florida, our Alma Mater
Thy glorious name we praise
All thy loyal sons and daughters
A joyous song shall raise
Where a palm and pine are blowing
Where southern seas are flowing
Shine forth thy noble Gothic walls
Thy lovely vine clad halls
Neath the Orange and Blue victorious
Our love shall never fail
There's no other name so glorious
All hail, Florida, hail.

In the name of Alma Mater
We take each comrade's hand
True to thee and to each other
Throughout our Eden land
Old school we love so dearly
May god be ever near thee
To guide us by the shining light
Of honor, truth and might
Hear our alma mater calling
Let courage never fail
For before her all are falling
All hail, Florida, hail.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The day after Andrew Meyer was tazed on UF campus for acting a-fool there was a big riotous protest on the Plaza of the Americas, complete with many indie-types calling for the disarming and distasering of campus police. The passion that filled the air that day reminded me of the heartfelt self-guidedness of the Alligator's editorial board. At least this guy is willing to admit his he makes you want to throw a frisbee around with him.

On a related, actually relevant note, people involved in mass disappearances in Chile under Agosto Pinochet are finally going to at least be tried. Here's the opening paragraph of "Talk of the Nation", from last Wednesday.

"A Chilean judge issued arrest warrants for more than 120 former soldiers and agents who worked for Augusto Pinochet's secret police after the general seized power in a coup in 1973. Government reports conclude that more than 2,000 people disappeared during Pinochet's rule, many during campaigns to crush leftist opposition. The charges include torture and murder."

If you've never heard about this coup and what followed, you should read about it. Thousands of young men in Chile have not been heard from or seen since then because of it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A vivid memory...

One day your normally gentle twelve year old may do this after a seemingly important little league game. Thanks to this runningback way out in Oregon, a whole town of people are remembering when an unassuming twelve year old me took similar recourse after a tough loss. I'm sorry Brian Hendrix wherever you are!

Nooo Carl Moore!!!

It looks like Carl Moore, who was set to replace Louis Murphy in the receiving corps, will likely be out for the season with a back injury. This happened to me several times, although I wasn't a starting receiver for the Gators at the time. We need to get this guy here for some laying on of hands!