Saturday, July 24, 2010

Settled in

I know I haven't blogged a lot lately. For a while there before we moved I was on a role...but that was before I started school...well, this school.
Things are going great here. I have a somewhat regular week this week, except for a couple of big tests, and then next week we start was is called SPA week. SPA means Standardized Patient Assessment. On Monday we have a day of essay tests, Tuesday is a big multiple choice test, Wednesday we go see a standardized patient at the hospital. The next two days we are spent developing an assessment and plan and following up, and then we have an oral exam on Friday. I am very excited about this style of testing...but a little apprehensive!
Valerie is in Tampa for a week with Carver. Portia flew them down for a party she's throwing for Gary at the beach. After a really tough year for Gary and Portia they are celebrating their lives and loved-ones. I wish I was there! Plus they get to see the Dourtes...and I'm sad I'm missing out. The extra time for school is a real gift though.
Vinny came over from Windy Gap last week for a few days. He had taken Gainesville kids to camp and drove himself so that he could come see us afterward. It was so great to spend time with him. Its amazing how much more time I spend laughing when he's around. We went to see Inception which blew my mind. He also built us a chicken coop. We're getting chickens soon!
I better get to some studying. Chemo drugs. This unit included oncology, which both compels me to work in that field and also has me wondering if I could handle that long term. It also included dermatology. Do a google images search for cutaneous dermatoses and you will know why I am leaning away from derm.
Thanks for following my blog. I will try to be better about blogging! I promise!


Paul said...

Glad to hear things are going so well. Ran into Natalie and Aubrey in Gainesville the other day - you missed out on Moe's anniversary/free queso day. Hope you found one up there.
Have you started your first NC brew? Look forward to hearing about the chickens. Lee Gordon just got back from Tanzania where he built a 1,000 capacity chicken coop for the orphanage. They are now selling eggs, meat, coconut and mangos and run mostly on solar energy - well on their way to becoming self-sufficient. I'm so impressed w the work they are doing there.
Glad to hear you guys are well...good luck in crazy classes

Ethan said...

Paul, Lee's work in Tanzania sounds incredible! We have found a Moe's, but the people there aren't super friendly. We miss Gainesville but also love a lot of things about NC. I'm planning on brewing here for the first time in a couple weeks. Did you ever try the one you helped me brew? What did you think?!? We don't have chickens yet...but we will soon!!!